Mind Your Body: Wellness From the Top

Using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness tool, allows us to look at how “healthy” we are. It is hard to say what is healthy or unhealthy without looking at each function of wellness.

When looking at the Dimensions of Wellness, ask yourself “How or what fulfills this dimensions for me?” If you find that there is an unfulfilled area, thats totally normal! Be reflective if this happens by asking yourself “Are there barriers to this dimensions being fulfilled? Is there something that could change that could better it?”

Before moving on, it’s important to know that often our sense of fulfillment in each dimension will fluctuate, and that the more mindful and aware we are of this, the more likely we are to reconcile.

Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Dimension
Caring for your body to stay healthy now and in the future

Intellectual Dimension
Growing intellectually, maintaining curiosity about all there is to learn, valuing lifelong learning, and responding positively to intellectual challenges. Expanding knowledge and skills while discovering the potential for sharing your gifts with others

Emotional Dimension
Understanding and respecting your feelings, values, and attitudesAppreciating the feelings of othersManaging your emotions in a constructive wayFeeling positive and enthusiastic about your life.

Social Dimension
Maintaining healthy relationships, enjoying being with others, developing friendships and intimate relations, caring about others, and letting others care about you. Contributing to your community

Spiritual Dimension
Finding purpose, value, and meaning in your life with or without organized religion. Participating in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values

Vocational Dimension
Preparing for and participating in work that provides personal satisfaction and life enrichment that is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle. Contributing your unique gifts, skills, and talents to work that is personally meaningful and rewarding

Financial Dimension
Managing your resources to live within your means, making informed financial decisions and investments, setting realistic goals, and preparing for short-term and long-term needs or emergenciesBeing aware that everyone’s financial values, needs, and circumstances are unique

Environmental Dimension
Understanding how your social, natural, and built environments affect your health and well-being. Being aware of the unstable state of the earth and the effects of your daily habits on the physical environmentDemonstrating commitment to a healthy planet

No What? Set Those Intentions

Intention setting is clearly stating what you want to experience and achieve through your actions.

This can be related to your work, personal life, dreams, thoughts, health, relationships, mindfulness practice, or whatever is most important to you. choose.

The difference between setting goals and setting intentions

A goal is the desired outcome you wish to attain further into the future. 

An intention is a chosen theme that allows you to create alignment in your life.

Our therapists at Mind By Design use this quick template to begin the process of setting intentions and understanding how to truly see change and growth.

If you are looking to develop a sustainable, mindful and purposeful mindset, our therapists are eager to help. MBD clients have access to digital journals, wellness guides and experienced clinicians to support and promote your growth.

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