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Marilyn DeFalco, LCSW

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Irrespective of the chosen technique in trauma counseling, the ultimate aim remains constant: to help you reclaim your sense of self and well-being. The goals we often work towards in trauma counseling include

Identifying & Restructuring Negative Thought Patterns

Therapy targets negative thinking patterns related to the traumatic event, aiming to restructure distorted thoughts.

Understanding & integrating the traumatic even.

To facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the past traumatic experiences.

Shifting focus to the present

Counseling encourages a shift in attention from the past event(s) towards the present moment and future possibilities.

Alleviating or resolving trauma symptoms

The primary aim is to lessen or eliminate the distressing symptoms associated with trauma

Developing Coping Skills

Essential coping skills are taught to clients to help overcome challenges and prevent regression.

Exploring Intergenerational Trauma

Education is provided about the impact of itergenerational trauma, examining how it trauma can be passed down through generation.

Addressing addiction & Adverse Experiences

Counseling address addiction and/or negative life experiences that may exacerbate symptoms related to trauma

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Therapy can increase distress tolerance, coping skills and build a strong foundation for mental and physical well-being. In addition, therapy builds a strong foundation for future happiness.  Your therapist may use one or more of the following during counseling for trauma:

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy incorporates new technology, including a computer-generated simulation that explores new coping mechanisms to trigger situations in a safe environment.

Creative Expression & Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy that supports the therapy process includes play therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, and calming techniques offers art and play therapy for children and teens to include fun interactions while accomplishing goals.

Alleviating or resolving trauma symptoms

The primary aim is to lessen or eliminate the distressing symptoms associated with trauma

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  • with our personalized, trauma-based counseling, we’re confident that you will experience a relief from trauma symptoms, a sense of empowerment and overall hopefulness in your wellbeing. 

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