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Online Therapy in New Jersey has never been more accessible to New Jersey Residents. Our team of experienced therapists provide innovative online therapy services, evolving with the latest research, techniques, and tools. To honor this, we offer a wide range of specialized treatments and unique approaches including:

Team of Online Therapy Providers in NJ From Mind By Design Counseling

Our online therapists don't believe in a one-size-fit's all approach.

 Though we draw from the tried-and-true therapy approaches such as CBT, DBT and IFS, we also push the bounds of traditional therapy with more modern approaches. Therefore, our team of qualified professionals use progressive & integrative approaches such as  Ketamine Assisted Therapy, Virtual Reality Therapy, and Creative Art Therapies.

Therapy doesn’t have to be traditional. See if you’d be a good candidate for Ketamine Therapy, VR Therapy or any of our alternative wellness approaches by visiting our Integrative Care Page.

Who We Are

Our online therapist’s bring their expertise to address a variety of challenges, offering tailored and personalized therapy. We offer services through virtual therapy platforms and serve a diverse range of clients, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and survivors of abuse.

Providers at Mind by Design Counseling in New Jersey, including Kristin Justice, LAC, Marilyn DeFalco, LCSW, and Rebecca Sidoti, LCSW, bring unique expertise and compassion to empower clients on their mental health journeys. Each provider specializes in specific areas such as OCD, Grief, Anxiety & Stress, and Trauma.

MBD offer’s personalized, integrative care ranging from traditional therapies to alternative approaches such as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Virtual Reality Therapy to residents of New Jersey.

How We Help

In addition to traditional talk therapy, we’ve expanded our online therapy in New Jersey to include various therapy modalities such as:

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Online Therapy for OCD

Have live video sessions through online therapy in New Jersey with a provider who specializes in ERP, the gold standard treatment for OCD. 

Reclaim your Freedom from OCD with online therapy in NJ. Get started with a free 15-minute call.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

PTSD can impact anyone at any age, including combat veterans or people who have experienced abuse or witnessed violence.  Healing is possible, and our online therapy in New Jersey provides expert care, using trauma-informed techniques to help heal and grow.

Heal From Trauma & C-PTSD WIth our Online Therapy in New Jersey Today.

Online Therapy for Grief & Loss

While others may not know how to support you, our grief counselors provide hope, guidance and compassion on your journey towards healing. Starting online therapy in New Jersey is easy, convenient and confidential. Ease the Burden of Grief with Online Therapy.

Integrative & Alternative Therapy

Traditional therapy has served many of us well, but we aim to serve with excellence. That’s why we incorporate non-traditional therapies in our practice in addition to talk therapy. Although it may be unconventional, rest assured that the approaches we use are evidenced based and provided by highly trained and qualified therapists. 

Reduced Fee online Therapy in new jersey

We are committed to making our therapy available to as many people as possible, therefore we’ve extended our practice to now offer Affordable Online Therapy in New Jersey through our Graduate Internship Program.

Finances shouldn’t determine the quality of mental care you receive, and everyone deserves access to top-tier mental health services at an affordable price. Our Affordable Online Therapy aims to blend the quality of private, online therapy at a price that’s less daunting. Our student interns provide affordable online counseling under the direct supervision of Rebecca Sidoti, LCSW ensuring that clients are receiving exceptional treatment

low cost, reduced fee, affordable therapy in new jersey with clinical intern at Mind by Design Counseling

Rebecca Sidoti, LCSW, C-CATP
OCD, Anxiety & Phobia Expert
Ketamine Therapy Provider

Marilyn DeFalco, LCSW
Trauma, PTSD, Adolescent Mental Health & Depression Expert

Kristin Justice, LAC
Specializing in Grief, Stress & Life Transitions

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When it comes to tackling tough stuff, our online therapists in New Jersey have years of experience and a knack for tackling even the most stubborn mental health challenges. Furthermore, our online therapists are experts in their therapeutic focus and have dedicated postgraduate hours to master the skills needed to provide effective, and comprehensive care.  From certified anxiety specialists to trauma-informed care, to our grief and loss support, our therapists demonstrate expertise, and positive client outcomes 


Therapeutic relationships built on trust, openness a shared experience in the therapy room that fosters trust, vulnerability, and nurtures growth.


We are inspired to grow, learn and excel with each challenge presented. Our innovation leads to creative, individualistic, flexible, progressive and person-centered care.


MbD therapists work alongside you with support, empowerment, & care through your toughest journeys & celebrate each victory.


“When we attune with others we allow our own internal state to shift, to come to resonate with the inner world of another. This resonance is at the heart of the important sense of “feeling felt” that emerges in close relationships”-  Dr. Siegel


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