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Kristin Justice Licensed Associate Counselor

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Kristin Justice is a licensed associate therapist in New Jersey specializing in online therapy for grief counseling, stress management, anxiety and life transitions.
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I’m Kristin Justice!  My passion lies in creating an open and supportive therapeutic space that fosters growth and empowerment. Whether you’re dealing with grief, stress, depression, life transitions, or just need a space to process and heal, I’ve got your back. With my supportive and client-centered approach, I’ll guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

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Kristin's Therapy Style

First and foremost, Kristin approaches therapy with openness, using a humanistic approach. To do this, Kristin builds on strengths & encourages growth in all areas of wellness. Additionally, Kristin specializes in grief counseling, life transitions & spiritual wellness including strengthening our sense of purpose and promoting intentional, mindful living. Furthermore, she has worked in psychiatric, residential & outpatient settings, gaining a broad range of skills to treat mental health needs. In addition to clinical work, Kristin is an educator and advocate of BIPOC mental wellness, social justice & the role of spirituality in mental health.

How Kristin Helps her clients

Specifically, Kristin specializes in supporting individuals through grief and loss, life adjustments, depression and BIPOC mental health. Kristin goal is to help you take charge of your mental health and thrive amidst life’s ups and downs. Furthermore, her conversational and relatable approach to therapy makes it easier to open up and tackle the tough stuff. As such, Kristin’s guidance & unwavering support, will help you you feel confident and empowered on your path to a more fulfilling life.

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Grief Counseling in New Jersey

Ease the Burden Of Grief & Receive Compassionate Care from Kristin Justice

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Although others may not know how to support you, our grief counselors provide hope, guidance and compassion on your journey towards healing. Starting online therapy is easy, convenient and confidential. Join today!

Online Stress & Anxiety Therapy in New Jersey

Receive Expert Care when you work with Kristin Justice in overcoming Stress and Anxiety

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We understand that finding the right therapist for stress and anxiety treatment in NJ can be challenging, and getting to therapy might seem even more daunting! That’s why all of our services are provided online for added ease and convenience & getting in touch with us is simple! Finding a therapist to help with stress and anxiety shouldn’t cause more stress and anxiety!

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➤ Trauma
➤ Phobias
➤ Panic Attacks
➤ LGBTQIA+ Wellness
➤ Adolescent Mental Health
➤ Perinatal & Postpartum Mental Health

Along with traditional talk therapy, , we offer unique and individualized treatment options including:

➤ Virtual Reality Therapy 
➤ Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
➤ Creative Arts Expression

Cost of Online Therapy with Kristin Justice, LAC

Of course, not everyone has insurance that covers out-of-network benefits, or the budget to afford private pay therapy. That’s why we offer affordable, low-cost therapy through our Graduate Internship Program. If you’re interested in receiving reduced fee session, please call us, read more below or visit: Graduate Internship Program | Reduced Fee

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