Marilyn DeFalco, LCSW

Specialized treatment for Adolescents, Mental Health, Addictions, Trauma & LGBTIA+ Concerns

Marilyn DeFalco

Trauma-Informed, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Marilyn DeFalco (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and professional trauma educator.

Marilyn supports her clients by providing advocacy and counseling to teen and adult survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Her expertise extends to intensive counseling services for adolescents in need. 

Marilyn’s goal is to provide trauma-informed care to individuals and families, and create a validating and welcoming environment for all people.

Marilyn has a passion for educating professionals and the community about the societal and psychological impacts of interpersonal violence, sexual trauma, and human trafficking, utilizing a sex-positive and gender-inclusive framework.

Her research interests include neurobiology, integrative treatment for mental health and trauma such as somatic therapy and mindfulness, and psychedelic-assisted therapy

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