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All of our products at ShopTherapyCo are created by our therapists here at MbD to promote mental health awareness.
A portion of the proceeds are used to support free & low cost mental health services.

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As mental health counselors, we understand the importance of promoting mental health awareness and increasing access to affordable mental health care. That’s why we have created a line of products specifically designed to do just that.

Our selection of products includes the F*ck Anxiety Workbook, the Exposure Therapy Workbook for OCD, Anxiety & Panic, and a variety of mental health-themed sweatshirts. Not only are these products a great way to show your support for mental health awareness, but your purchase helps us to provide affordable mental health services.

In addition to our physical products, we also offer digital downloads of various workbooks, planners and valuable resource for therapists and clients looking to stay organized and on track.

Join us in the effort to promote mental health awareness and make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Digital Download || The Complete Anxiety & Stress Management Workbook

Print & Digital || Exposure & Response Prevention for OCD

Digital Download || Mental Wellness Kit || Journal Prompts

Nirvana Style || Mental Health Attire || Gender Neutral

Print & Digital || F*ck Anxiety Workbook

“It Gets Better”” || Mental Health Attire || Gender Neutral

“Runnin’ On Rage” || Mental Health Attire || Gender Neutral

“Slay Your Demons” || Mental Health Attire || Gender Neutral

“Runnin’ On Rage” || Mental Health Attire || Gender Neutral