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4 Types of boundaries to improve Your relationships

Boundaries are the invisible lines that both unite and divide us. They’re our personal sentinels, guarding our space, emotions, thoughts, and possessions. It’s not about putting up walls; it’s about understanding and respecting our limits and those of others.You can improve your relationships by communicating your boundaries and listening to your partners.

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Respecting Personal Space

The tangibility of physical boundaries makes them the most perceptible. They’re the bubble around us, dictating comfort in proximity and touch. For instance, choosing whom we embrace or how close someone stands to us are illustrations of these boundaries. However, while they protect personal space and enhance comfort, overly rigid physical limits may lead to perceived aloofness or hinder the development of intimate relationships.

Safeguarding Feelings

Emotional boundaries govern the impact of others’ feelings on our psyche. They help us assert our emotional needs and disengage from the emotional whirlwinds of others. For example, declining to shoulder someone’s emotional baggage epitomizes this boundary. These boundaries are quintessential for emotional self-preservation, yet too stringent a barrier might isolate us, preventing genuine emotional connections.

Respecting Thoughts &Ideas

Our thoughts, our ideas — they’re uniquely & privately ours, and having intellectual boundaries ensure they’re respected. These boundaries manifest when we prevent others from belittling our ideas or when we disagree respectfully. They encourage intellectual autonomy and stimulate constructive discourse. Nevertheless, an overemphasis on these boundaries might thwart open-minded discussions, limiting personal growth and understanding.

Financial Boundaries

(yes, you can Improve Your Relationships by talking about money!)

In a world often defined by materialism, material boundaries are crucial. They delineate how we use our possessions and manage finances in relationships. Lending items with clear conditions or not sharing financial resources without agreement are examples. While they safeguard against exploitation and promote financial health, excessively tight material limits could potentially hinder the spirit of generosity.

Final Thoughts

Boundaries, in their essence, are the ultimate balancing act. They’re not static, nor are they one-size-fits-all. Understanding the flexibility and importance of different limits becomes pivotal. They’re the blueprint of our peace and foundation of our relationships.

What to do next

Energized by the prospect of stronger, healthier interpersonal relationships? Let’s continue this journey of personal growth together!

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FAQ's about therapy at Mind by Design

How do I get started as a new client?

Do you offer traditional talk therapy?

of course! though we have some unconventional therapy approaches, we are rooted in evidenced based practices. Talk therapy is a major player in the therapy room! See What we Treat and Integrative Services for more information

Does my insurance cover my visits?

Uur goal it to decrease stress and anxiety, so we understand that the financial commitment to therapy is something to consider! We provide OON billing for clients who decide to bill their insurance for services. A “Superbill” can be provided to you for potential reimbursement of services. To know if you have to OON benefits, you can call your insurance company and ask about the process of receiving these benefits. 

Our Insurance Page shares a small blurb about Why We Left Insurance Panels

What is the difference between associate & fully licensed therapists?

See our “Affordable Therapy” Page for info on licensing and costs of therapy.

 LAC/LSW are therapists who may practice clinical work under the supervision of a fully licensed therapist.

LPC/LCSW are therapists who have completed the necessary clinical hours post-graduation under supervision and can practice clinical work independently.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that clients provide at least 24 hours notice in the event that they need to cancel to avoid the 50% cancellation fee. we understand that life happens and do our best to be flexible & reschedule.

What is Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT)?

VRT is an immersive tool that helps clients to explore environments that can not be traditionally explored in therapy. Visit our VR page for more info and to watch our infomercial 

What is VRT used for?

we use VRT to support Exposure Therapy, a long standing traditional therapy modality to treat phobias, anxiety and stress. we send a headset directly to your home so you can access VRT from anywhere.

VRT not only helps with exposure therapy for phobias, but is great for ADHD, mindfulness, PTSD and social anxiety.

How does the process work?

  • Fill out a consult request below or reach out to us directly.
  • our phone number is 609-300-6481, call or text
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  • Prior to your intake, you will receive a link to access the telehealth session.

Do You Offer Free or Reduced Therapy?

Yes! We offer a sliding scale as well as reduced fee therapy for clients working with out graduate interns. To learn more visit: Reduced Fee Therapy