Rebecca Sidoti, LCSW

Specialized Treatment For OCD, Phobias, and Anxiety in New Jersey

Rebecca Sidoti Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rebecca Sidoti

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Supervisor & Practice Owner

Rebecca Sidoti (she/her) has dedicated her career to helping individuals struggling with compulsive disorders and anxiety-related disorders. Because Rebecca understands the overwhelming and often debilitating nature of these challenges, she approaches treatment with the highest level of care and support. Work with Rebecca to receive individualized treatment for panic disorder, phobias, OCD and social anxiety.

She is always seeking out new and innovative ways to help her clients overcome their anxiety and live their lives to the fullest. Rebecca’s extensive training and research in progressive treatment approaches includes a focus in Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. 

In addition to traditional talk therapy and CBT, Rebecca incorporates tech-based approaches like Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy into treatment. Rebecca has participated in numerous VR therapy pilot programs for anxiety-related disorders and is one of the few therapists who is able to offer this type of treatment to clients from the comfort of their own homes. VR therapy has proven to be highly effective in helping individuals overcome their anxiety and make lasting changes in their lives.


If you or someone you know is seeking specialized anxiety treatment, Rebecca Sidoti is an excellent choice. With her extensive training and expertise, she is dedicated to helping her clients find relief from anxiety and live the lives they desire.

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