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8 Creative Activities to Destress & Boost Mental Health

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Destress with these 8 creative activities and build a routine that fosters balanced mental health. Understanding your needs is important to seek the most success from these activities to destress since each activity should be tailored towards you! These are our 8 suggestions, but we encourage you to adapt the activities to your needs and goals for the most optimal outcome.

To destress is not to merely eliminate stressors, but instead it’s about creating a routine that regularly implements activities to destress, and create opportunities to help with decompression.

1. Meditative Coloring: Destress in Color

Immerse yourself in the tranquility found in each stroke of color. Meditative coloring transcends being a child’s pastime; it’s a sanctuary, a practice that encourages coloring outside the lines of life’s stringent regulations, inviting peace and perspective with every hue selected and every picture completed.

2. Destress with Pottery & Reshape Perspectives

In this space, you’re both the creator and the creation, the potter and the clay. Find solace in every spin, understanding that each reshaping is akin to life’s way of instilling lessons and beauty in our alterations.

3. Dance Therapy: Rhythms of Resilience

Let your body articulate the unspoken through dance therapy. This isn’t about the precision of steps but about the freedom of emotional expression. Discover your unique rhythm that resonates with your inner state, allowing healing and resilience to flow through like music.

4. Gardening to Nurture your Mental Health

Reconnect with your roots, quite literally, through gardening. This isn’t just about sowing seeds in soil but about grounding yourself, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between nurturing your garden and your inner growth. It’s a testament to patience and care.

5. Journaling: Conversations with the Self

Dive into the pages of your soul with journaling. This practice unfolds your inner narratives, fears, hopes, and dreams, all waiting to be acknowledged in ink. It’s more than a diary; it’s a tangible dialogue with yourself, a path to introspection and healing through handwriting.

6. Culinary Therapy: Savory Solace

Find mindfulness and joy in the alchemy of cooking. Culinary therapy is about being present in the process, finding solace in the sizzle, and creating comfort in every bite. It’s a journey of feeding more than your body; it’s nourishment for the soul.

7. Photography Walks: Lens of Clarity

Through photography walks, embrace the present moment, viewing life through a literal and metaphorical lens. This practice encourages a focus on the minutiae, the often overlooked aspects of daily life, offering a form of visual meditation and picture-perfect mindfulness.


8. DIY Crafting: Manifesting Joy

Create with your hands, and manifest joy in your spirit with DIY crafting. This activity is about immersion in the process, finding fulfillment and comfort in each creation. It’s a tactile reminder that you can construct happiness, one project at a time.

The Ongoing Journey of Coping and Destressing

The practices of creative coping and decompression active steps you can take towards reduced stress, mindfulness and peace. This journey of self-care doesn’t have an end point, but is a continuous growth, changing with your needs and lifestyle. 

Invitation to Inner Exploration

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Uur goal it to decrease stress and anxiety, so we understand that the financial commitment to therapy is something to consider! We provide OON billing for clients who decide to bill their insurance for services. A “Superbill” can be provided to you for potential reimbursement of services. To know if you have to OON benefits, you can call your insurance company and ask about the process of receiving these benefits. 

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VRT is an immersive tool that helps clients to explore environments that can not be traditionally explored in therapy. Visit our VR page for more info and to watch our infomercial 

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we use VRT to support Exposure Therapy, a long standing traditional therapy modality to treat phobias, anxiety and stress. we send a headset directly to your home so you can access VRT from anywhere.

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