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Achieve Wellness
While Anticipating Change

You did it! You managed the stress of the holidays, the winter chill and the new-year’s resolutions. As more daylight and warmer weather approach, it’s a great time to refocus our wellness goals and plans. There is something about the anticipation of a fresh, new season that brings about new energy that we all hope to be able to maintain.  The question is: how do we achieve and maintain our mental health, personal goals and wellness needs?

Staying Motivated During Transitions

Growth begins & ends with you. January may have motivated New-Year’s  resolutions; some may have stuck, and others may have tapered off. But do not abandon the hard work you put into getting this far. The key now is to keep up momentum by looking inward through personal inventory check-in’s. A self-inventory allows us to assess what our needs, review what’s working and what’s not working. Sometimes, we are focused on the “new” habits and goals, but may neglect the existing habits that got us this far, or, on the contrary, got us stuck in the first place. Reflecting on our everyday habits allows us to grow and progress.

Tuning In: Strengths, Needs & Wants

Try it! Tap in to you by asking yourself a few reflective questions.

  • What were those strengths that allowed for you to stay on the high road of “I got this”?
  • What were the phrases that you said on the mornings when your bed felt too good to leave? 
  • What helped you on those days when the coffee wasn’t just right and your kids challenged everything you read in parenting books? 
  • Where did you go to refuel?
  • Who did you surround yourself with that gave you the extra boost to keep striving towards a better day?
  • During your self-check inventory, it is also vital to investigate the things that didn’t work. Letting go of the things that don’t serve you is an essential part of growth.
  • What things seemed to burn through your energy?
  • What may have had a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence?
  • What were the things that made you less hopeful, more negative and in the spiral of self-comparison?

As you think about these questions and how they impact your wellness, you may notice that some of the habits aren’t helping you achieve your goals. Letting go of things that no longer serve you is an important part of the growth process.

During this process, take the time it identify the things that strengthen you, motivate you and foster your wellness. As you think of this, imagine how it could be applied and multiplied in yoru day-to-day routine.

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assessing your Wellness for optimal results

Another way to evaluate your wellness is through a multi-dimensional lens. We use the “wellness Wheel” to assess what “parts of self” need attention, and what parts of self are doing well. Below is our MBD therapist developed Wellness Wheel. You can download your own copy here: Mind By Design Wellness Wheel Worksheet

Since “wellness” is the sum of many areas of our lives, it is important to find your balance. There will be things inside of your control and outside of your control, and recognizing this will allow you to decide where your energy is best used.

If you’re struggling with finding your balance, progressing towards your wellness goals  or  just struggling to assess your needs, our team is here to help!

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