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Summer Mental Health Bucket List
for Your Body, Mind & Soul

Our Top 5 Easy Summertime Mental Health Activities

        For some, summer feels like a fun and relaxing season filled with experiences, energy and downtime. But let’s be real, mental health doesn’t take the summer off! It’s okay to not have a *hot girl summer*, and maybe, instead have a *healthy girl summer*. That’s why this blog is focused solely on feeding your body, mind and soul and keeping your summertime mental health in check. 

        As always, managing mental health needs varies from person to person. Some of these tips may not be do-able or helpful for everyone and that’s okay! We will keep posting and writing about real, applicable mental health skills to ensure that there’s a little bit of something for everyone. So let’s get into the list…. 

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Summer 2023 Mental Health Bucket List Top 5

Float On

Ah, something so simple yet powerful! You can do this in freshwater, or —drum roll please—you can go to a float tank! Float tanks are sound proof, temperature regulated, light proof “pods” filled with enough epsom salt to allow your body to effortlessly float.

summer mental health activity of floating woman

Earthing aka Grounding

Put your feet in some dirt! Yes, it has a name: Earthing, sometimes referred to as grounding, is the intentional act of placing your feet onto the ground and becoming present.

Paint Outside

One of my favorite things to do is to paint, but man, taking the supplies outside and livening up that canvas is another level! Nature is an inspiring place for creative thinkers and the inspiration is unlimited! Being able to observe your surroundings, and it’s fine details, helps us to be more grounded and less chaotic

Plant a Summer Garden

Dirt again? Yup. Let dirt be your friend this summer. Plating and tending to a garden has shown to improve mental health, promote our “flow state” and ease stress. “It’s been shown to lighten mood and lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Watch a sunrise

Not only can waking up early and getting into a routine help your body and mind, but just watching the sunrise alone boosts our mood, helps with regulating our emotions and, of course, allows us to slow down and soak in the beauty.

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So needless to say, we’re encouraging you to forget the social pressures to make every moment instagram-worthy, and instead get in touch with your mental health and wellness and make every moment worthy enough of your time. 

Rebecca Sidoti, LCSW

Rebecca Sidoti, LCSW

Rebecca is the founder of Mind by Design Counseling. She is an expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, and has a knack for working with high-intensity, driven individuals who are seeking the ever-elusive balance of professional and personal wellness.