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5 Assertiveness Skills I Learned
from Powerful Women

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by inspiring women who modeled assertiveness skills *flawlessly*. Learning to be assertive starts with self-perception. Assertive women don’t just make their voices heard, they change the very frequency of the conversation. Assertiveness is an art, refined into a skill that balances courage and finesse.

Aunt Nin’s Lesson on Assertiveness

"No” is Not a Rejection. It's Declaration of Value

Your integrity isn’t for negotiation, and protecting that is powerful. Those around you who feel slighted by your “no” may not care to protect your boundaries. Let ‘em go.

Diana’s Lesson on Assertiveness

The Art of Being Heard

Effective communication is about resonance. Direct, clear and concise speech coupled with active listening limits opportunity for confusion and increases opportunity for accountability. 

Maria’s Lesson on Assertiveness

Body Language is Our Unspoken Command

The way you occupy space speaks well before you do. A confident posture, direct eye contact, purposeful gestures – these are the unspoken words that script authority. Body language isn’t about intimidation, but an assertion of your presence.

Mom's Lesson on Assertiveness

Don't Scream For You Supper.

If someone repeatedly ignores our boundaries, we are left with a choice to either ‘scream for our supper ‘ (i.e., desperately fight to be listened to), or accept a person for who they are and create independence from them (i.e., bounce, leave, kick rocks, make like a banana and split.)

Crystal's Lesson on Assertiveness Skills

Negotiation doesn’t mean You're Giving Up Control

Hoarding control shows that you lack confidence in your ability to keep it. Flexibility displays confidence in your ability to adapt to any situation. Assertive women don’t need to control everything to feel secure, they find confidence in the security within. 

Assertiveness begins with a simple, profound acknowledgment: You are valuable. Your perception of your worth is the blueprint which assertive structures are built. It’s recognizing your contributions aren’t minor footnotes, but essential chapters in your narrative.

Each of these women display their assertiveness in vastly different ways. And although assertiveness may look different in each of us, and may be more present in varying situations, the purpose of assertiveness is the same:



If you’re struggling with assertiveness, communication, self-esteem or other areas of confidence & self-perception, reach out to us! We can help you find the right support & guidance to boost confidence & self-esteem

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FAQ about Online Therapy in NJ

How do I get started as a new client?

Do you offer traditional talk therapy?

of course! though we have some unconventional therapy approaches, we are rooted in evidenced based practices. Talk therapy is a major player in the therapy room! See What we Treat and Integrative Services for more information

Does my insurance cover my visits?

Uur goal it to decrease stress and anxiety, so we understand that the financial commitment to therapy is something to consider! We provide OON billing for clients who decide to bill their insurance for services. A “Superbill” can be provided to you for potential reimbursement of services. To know if you have to OON benefits, you can call your insurance company and ask about the process of receiving these benefits. 

Our Insurance Page shares a small blurb about Why We Left Insurance Panels

What is the difference between associate therapists & fully licensed therapists?

See our “Affordable Therapy” Page for info on licensing and costs of therapy.

 LAC/LSW are therapists who may practice clinical work under the supervision of a fully licensed therapist.

LPC/LCSW are therapists who have completed the necessary clinical hours post-graduation under supervision and can practice clinical work independently.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that clients provide at least 24 hours notice in the event that they need to cancel to avoid the 50% cancellation fee. we understand that life happens and do our best to be flexible & reschedule.

What is Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT)?

VRT is an immersive tool that helps clients to explore environments that can not be traditionally explored in therapy. Visit our VR page for more info and to watch our infomercial 

What is VRT used for?

we use VRT to support Exposure Therapy, a long standing traditional therapy modality to treat phobias, anxiety and stress. we send a headset directly to your home so you can access VRT from anywhere.

VRT not only helps with exposure therapy for phobias, but is great for ADHD, mindfulness, PTSD and social anxiety.

How does the process work?

  • Fill out a consult request below or reach out to us directly.
  • our phone number is 609-300-6481, call or text
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Do You Offer Free or Reduced Therapy?

Yes! We offer a sliding scale as well as reduced fee therapy for clients working with out graduate interns. To learn more visit: Reduced Fee Therapy